Rhea Goodman, now a dear friend, interviewed me for her Living Juicy radio show. It was a fun interview and is a particular kind of honor to find myself listed on her audio archive page among so many whom I consider mentors. Her rich archives, available for free listening, include interviews with the likes of (in no particular or inclusive order): Michael Meade, Charles Eisenstein, Craig Barnes, Larry Dossey, George and Sedena Cappannelli, Guy Finley, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Leonard Shlain, Michael Gelb, Peter Russel, Richard Moss, Wayne Muller, Tony Simons, Nina Simons, Kim Rosen and Margot Anand… for a small sampling of her rich guest list.

You can listen to or download my interview below, titled One Glass of Water. The title comes from a personal transformational practice that I share. I also briefly tell the story of how a black bear I met inside my tent actually saved my life.


Resilient ActivistMarc Choyt interviewed me on 7/14/15, as a guest host on the Richard Eeds Show on Santa Fe’s own 101.5 FM.

You can find the audio for the show here. It was planned for a half hour segment but turned into a full hour interview when the next guest did not show up. It’s a fast moving and deep diving interview.

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  1. Rhea Goodman says:

    dear larry,

    for reasons unknown to me, your first and last name has disappeared from my contact list, and i wanted to contact you today. just returned from a glorious month in san miguel de allende, house sitting a good friend’s lovely home. had a 10-day visit from my santa fe friends, richard and mary, and a 7-day visit from nina. all totally wonderful and fulfilling and juicy.

    need some computer help…get a new one at last?…but also cannot get images on my current computer (“blocked plug-in”)…my adobe flash player was out of date, so i was asked to, and agreed to, download the newer adobe flash player, which i did. still no images. anyway, thought of you, and really wondered how you are doing, healthwise,
    family wise, heartwise.

    also read your blog from several years ago…really lovely, and your heart poem. so
    moving. wish i had gotten to your website before our interview…it would have had even more dimension. anyway, thanks for mentioning our interview on your site, it is a handsome and totally worthwhile one. call me if you are in town, would love to get together.


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