Flourishing: Oh this heart of mine…

I am a Being experiencing what it is to be human, and aspiring to be a wildly resilient human at that.Larry and Resilient Fir Tree

This is no small thing, as you know from within the core of your own heart. Particularly given this era of humanity’s explosive influence upon the planet, which geologists now label the Anthropocene; this is the bio-physical era marked by humanity’s geophysical influence upon the Earth’s environment as equal to that of Wind and Water. This too, is no small thing.

Just ask any of the yet “undiscovered” and unnamed plants or animals whose care we are charged with in the Biblical story of creation, and who compose ‘all our relations’ in numerous indigenous traditions; many of them will be among those who do not make it through the turbulent rapids in today’s narrowing River of Life. Extinction, as they say, is forever.

I however, happen to be one of those whose life has been saved and graced—literally—by and through my relationship with Nature, through the blessed wildness within. I rediscovered this inner wildness, wisdom and joy through immersion in settings of natural beauty. I now also know this innate wild intelligence is accessible anywhere and everywhere and anytime one is willing to walk through the portal of ‘releasing our naming’, and so willing to settle into the silence and essential nature our Being.

Stepping into this Territory of the Unknown however, is to step outside the boundaries of the corral of our domestication, our acculturation. It requires the courage and/or desperation of the one who knows: ‘the resiliency of bouncing back’ is no longer an option. A transformation of consciousness is the only way through to the other side.

So it is that “sustainability” is a necessary marker along this road to the other side; it is a methodology of measurement, a tool, but as a vision into the future it is a death sentence. “Thrive-ability,” or “flourishing”, however, carry imaginative invitations to the human psyche to dream ourselves into a future worth living into.

Thrive-ability and flourishing conceptually invite us forth into the challenge of The Upward Spiral, into releasing what no longer serves and into the potentiality of the mythical Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth. This is not business as usual. This is business as if our children matter.

Your children. I have none. Swore at the age of 13 or 14 that I would breed my genes out of the genetic pool. That is another story, one of many which this web/blog site is intended to provide air for. You can find more of my writing at the Wild Resiliency Blog; this site is intended to be more personal. I’m looking to create the space to share material that is more intimate than what seems to belong there; and paradoxically, I’m also looking to openly promote myself as a speaker and thinking partner, as a workshop facilitator and provocateur, something not comfortably done at wordpress.com. I am personally in the midst of many transitions, as we all are, trying to find our way into this new unknown world of our unfolding creation.

I confess to being befuddled, particularly by the business world, despite having once had a budding international consulting business dealing primarily with executive leadership development and the dynamics of high performing teams. Much of my life can be characterized by the struggle to ‘be at home in this world;’ to find a voice of expression that is acceptable and meaningful to others—and to myself. I have have stepped out of that successful consulting business for five years now and retreated to the wild outside that is inside. I have immersed myself yet deeper into nature, beyond years as a Forest Service Fire Fighter and Lookout, beyond the years as a wilderness and river guide and experiential therapist, beyond the years as a corporate ‘action learning’ trainer and consultant.

Wildly Resilient Juniper TreeI now stand naked. Here. Looking for thinking and play partners in consciously telling a new story of who we are, as individuals and as humanity. I am dreaming an old and yet new dream of what it is to be human; a dream of thrive-ability.

My dream is that we come to Nature as our Teacher, and to the World as our Lover. It is time for this new story of what it is to be human to awaken within the personal and collective psyche. For we are afterall the storytellers, living at the cliffhanging edge of the unfolding revelation of our own story telling.

I live at that edge. Somewhere between the edge of knowing all is ‘perfect as it is,’ and my heart breaking open for all that must die for a new world to be birthed. It is an edge those of you who resonate with with me know. I bow to you. Here. Now.

Because we are legion though we feel isolated; and because now is the time of our Awakening. Now is the time of our Calling. And it is not even ‘I‘ or ‘You‘ or even ‘We‘ who awakens. It is the Spirit of Oneness within us; it is that moist intimate Spirit which cannot be named that Celebrates our Diversity; that Spirit is willing to offer the vulnerable radical Yes! to Life. It says “Yes!”, even to our egos!

This is the Spirit capable of holding and celebrating the diversity of our One Flesh, One Heart, and One Spirit, appearing in the multi-hued colors and textures and odors of our skin and scales and feathers.

May this be so: that world-views of separation will come to know, perceive and love themselves as partial stories of wholeness, pointing toward the moon—not mistaking themselves for that Moon itself.

I welcome your inquiries into symbiotic partnerships of mutuality, in service of the Whole. Your thrive-ability—is mine, as is mine yours.


Oh this heart of mine
this heart
shared by you too
she can be such a lonely hunter
looking for love as they say
in all the wrong places
as though something
lived out in the rough of a wild world
a world incapable of giving to a self
that will not first open
and ever so vulnerably tenderly
courageously receive
from its own Being
that wholeness that love
it most desires

remembering my heart's resiliency in the Gand Canyon

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